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Investment always reaps rewards...

Still Photography Digital Tech

With 10 years of experience, we are here to assist your production, we’ve worked around the world literally, we always go above and beyond including all the little things, such as doing laundry in Hong Kong for 17 people, finding a winter jacket when the average temperature in the city you’re in is 80. We found 10 LaCie portable drives, had a laptop screen fixed within 16 hours in another country!  We produce results, we do not do our jobs, we help you succeed.

Video DIT Data Acquisition Tech

We take the 10 years of experience in digital still workflow and adapt it to the world of Video, with 2 years        of experience we are confident we can provide support and confidence you need to have a successful production. We use Gamma and Density’s CP3 software to create on-set color that will travel with the files and ensure color intended on set and the vision is carried out without interruption throughout your editing and finishing process.

We offer complimentary 1/2 day meetings to introduce ourselves, get familiarized with you, the production, examine the equipment list software choices, and how we can work seamlessly with your team.

Standard Rate is $500.00 per day based on 10 hours per day.